Independent Living

2 and 1 Bedroom Cottages (Life Rights or for Rental)

Life Right

39 Cottages

  • 2 bedrooms, bathroom (some main-en-suite), lounge, kitchen, garage, (some with enclosed porch and added carport). Average size 76 o 84 m2 plus garage 18m2
  • Life Right costs in 2017 vary between R800 000 and R950 000 plus a monthly levy of R1120

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Rental - 2 Bed

13 Cottages

  • 2 bedrooms, etc ( same features as above)
  • Rentals currently vary between R6 500 and R7 800 per month inclusive of the monthly levy

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Rental - 1 Bed

10 Cottages

  • 1 bedroom, lounge, kitchem, bathroom. Not all have a garage, but some with an enclosed porch. Average size 65m2
  • Rentals currently vary between R5 000 and R6 000 including the monthly levy. 

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Take Note:

All independent living costs are for the occupant(s) personal account - including internal maintenance, water, electricity, medication and private nursing care. 

(In the event of trauma, access to the sick bay in Frail Care is available at a daily fee for up to 10 days)


Life Right - A refund of the life right purchase price is made at the end of your stay as follows:  Less than 2 years = 80%; 2 to 5 years = 65%, longer than 5 years = 50% of the purchase price

Monthly Levy - the monthly levy is subject to a review and an annual increase every year on 1 April

Rentals - The monthly rental is subject to a review and an annual increase every year on 1 April