Our Frail Care comprises 20 beds and offers 24 hour care

  • 4 Single Rooms - R12 597.16 per month
  • 4 Two-bedded Rooms - R11 617.23
  • 2 Four bedded Rooms - R11 080.64

We offer the following services to the residents:

  • The cleaning of rooms daily.
  • Laundry is collected and returned daily.
  • Three meals per day are provided, as well as morning, afternoon and evening tea/coffee.
  • All medication is administered by the nursing staff, who will order, store and distribute each person's medication at the appropriate times.


We supply a bed with cot sides attached, to prevent a frail resident from falling out of bed.  Generally, we supply the furniture but encourage families to make the room a little 'homely' with familiar pictures, photos, bedding, etc.


Please tell us about your special needs for the elderly frail resident and we will attempt to comply.  We have a DSTV package on the televisions in the Frail Care lounge.


You are welcome to visit and have a look at our Care Centre and collect an application form. 

Waiting List

Frail Care is provided as preferential access to residents already residing at Stella Londt, but if there are unfilled vacancies in this facility, new residents are always welcome.