Assisted Living

22 Rooms

(Waiting list can vary from 2 weeks to 12 months)




We cater for single people, or , in a few of the larger rooms, a couple may be accommodated.


Not all of our rooms have en suite bathrooms.


The general criteria for admission to Assisted Living is that the resident is able to wash him/herself, dress him/herself and make his/her bed daily.  


Residents are encouraged to bring familiar furniture, curtains, pictures, etc., when moving in, to make it feel more like home.  


We do supply beds and curtains if required.

All other services are provided, for example:

  • The cleaning of the rooms on alternate days.
  • Laundry is collected and returned, washed and ironed, on the same day, 4 times per week.
  • Three meals per day are provide, as well as morning, afternoon and evening tea/coffee.
  • All medication is administered by the nursing staff, who will order, store and distribute each person's medication at the appropriate times.


The monthly Assisted Living rate is currently R10 769.54 for newcomers to Stella Londt Retirement Centre.  


This price includes the above services and includes water and electricity costs.  Accommodation rates are reviewed annually on 1 April.  


The cost of medication, toiletries and incontinence products would be for the residents account. 

Waiting List


Assisted Living is provided as preferential access to residents already residing at Stella Londt, but if there are unfilled vacancies in this facility, new residents are always welcome.